Dip Vapor Cleaning/Degreasing:

solvent parts cleaningDNR Inc. is a solvent parts cleaning company.

DNR Inc. is dedicated to sound environmental practices with an unprecedented track record of superior quality, quick-turnaround and competitive pricing. DNR Inc. boasts proudly that several companies have eliminated their cleaning systems and fully entrusted us for all their parts cleaning needs. Typically with all things considered, DNR Inc. can clean parts with better quality and lower cost than most in-house operations.

Dip Vapor Cleaning/Degreasing ProcessThe cleanliness achieved from our Dip Vapor Cleaning/Degreasing Process far exceeds that of aqueous systems. Although
DNR Inc. offers aqueous cleaning as an option, the Dip Vapor Cleaning/Degreasing process cleans parts with better quality and lower cost than most aqueous systems.

The unique advantage with Dip Vapor Cleaning/Degreasing versus aqueous cleaning is that there is no risk of cross-contamination with dissimilar metals;  It will leave no residue behind as occurs with aqueous systems. Dip Vapor Cleaning/Degreasing has no chemistries to blend or monitor. It's a tight-closed loop system that emulsifies oil, greases, various compounds and lubricants. Constant distillation occurs to ensure the highest level of solvent purity. The solvent vaporizes from the part, leaving it completely clean and dry.

DNR Inc. can clean all types of ferrous or non-ferrous metals. DNR Inc. processes any volume of parts from (1) single part to millions. Part size capability varies from engine blocks to intricate computer components. DNR Inc. handles heavy, durable parts to very light, delicate parts.

DNR Inc. cleans parts for a wide variety of Customers, including; aerospace, aircraft, automotive, electrical, food industry and many others.
parts cleaned
Types of parts cleaned are:

  • Machined Parts
  • Tubing
  • Stampings
  • Castings
  • Powdered Metals
  • Plated Parts
  • Coil Strip Cleaning & Bar Stock
  • Plastic

and many more...

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