Bright Dipping/Carbon Removal

Bright Dip and Carbon Removal service.DNR Inc. offers an environmentally safe Bright Dip and Carbon Removal service. In most cases, our neutral PH product will brighten up brass, copper, aluminum, etc. This process will not affect or compromise the surface of the part. The chemical only removes the oxides and/or contaminants. Tolerances are held to original state of the part. A sealer can be applied for extended shelf life, preventing re-oxidation.

In most cases, surface Carbon can be removed from parts. A part that is stamped, machined or formed will have carbon or residue in the pores of the metal. DNR Inc. can remove the carbon and deliver a part that is white glove clean. You can literally take a white glove and rub on the surface of the part with force and no residue will be found on the glove.

The development of the carbon removal process proved to be most useful where parts are to be overmolded and a "Class A Finish" is required without streaking. Additionally, DNR Inc. often uses this process to brighten brass parts after heat treat and whenever oxidation occurs on the surface of the part.

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