About Us

DNR Inc. is an industrial parts cleaning and metal derusting provider committed to excellence in quality, service and sound environmental practices.

We have faithfully served our Customers since 1988, performing services for organizations such as Ford, Visteon, GM, Delphi, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tier Automotive Suppliers, GE, Whirlpool, General Dynamics, NASA and various industries such as stamping, screw machine, tubing, foundries, aircraft, computer, electrical, electronic, hardware, medical, military, motorcycle and refrigeration.

DNR Inc. is committed to advancing our process technologies to strengthen our customers' competitive edge in a cost and quality driven market.

Our Mission Statement:

DNR Inc.. is dedicated to providing parts washing, inspection, light assembly and repack services to a variety of valued customers. Our goals are to continuously improve our operations and to satisfy customers with respect to quality, delivery, price and honest straightforward communication.

Our Locations:

Plant 1 : 38475 Webb Drive, Westland, MI 48185

Plant 2 : 45759 Helm Street, Plymouth, MI 48170

Plant 3 : 7444 Haggerty Road, Canton, MI 48187

DNR INC Parts Cleaning | Industry Leader In Specialized Parts Cleaning services | Dip Vapor Cleaning/Degreasin , Metal Derusting, Rust Inhibiting, Packaging